Suggestion: duplicate layer. Please.

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  • Will there be a "duplicate layer" method in the future? Note: "layer" not "layout".

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  • Why do you need this? Isn't it a bad idea to have two identical layers?

  • Depending on how intense your event coding is. If you are like me, and like creating and positioning you objects from the events editor, its fairly easy to duplicate events creating objects onto a different layer but in the same manor.

    I.e.> Start of Layout, create object, layer 1... Position

    Then, create same object, layer 2... same position.


  • Why would you want to do that though? How is that a reason to support 'duplicate layer'?

  • I think a misunderstand. I wasn't supporting 'duplicate layer', instead I was suggesting to Gerris an alternative way that he could approach it in the current build. I'm not entirely sure what the layer Gerris suggested would be for.

  • Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate it!

    I'm currently working on a dress up game, each item need corresponding info box with a mix of sprites, text boxes, links, text input,...

    That results in 24 different boxes on 24 layers, but the user will interpret it as one since they have the exact same placement and there's only one visible at any time.

    So, I figured out making a template layer with background image, border,... was the best way to do it, and duplicate it 23 times to maintain the x&y-coordinates. I still think it's a good idea;)

    Now I have to copy, paste and place each element on a new layer - it's both tedious and time consuming.

    Unless you guys have a solution I haven't thought of?

  • To clarify a little bit; I'm requesting a way to duplicate a layer in the Layer Bar, not as a function/method/action. Still a bad idea?;)

  • gerris - that still sounds like a poor solution. You should probably only have one set of controls (without anything overlapping them) and interpret them differently depending on the settings. So this can be solved using events rather than having to duplicate a layer many times, which I'm still sure is a bad idea in general.

  • I think the ability to duplicate layer would be good, unless someone can come up with an alternative solution to an issue I have.

    I've created a game with so far just 6 levels. I now want to add a 'pause' menu to my game and would create this on an invisible layer on the layout until the game is paused, where I will then make the layer visible. Seeing as there isn't an option for an inherent layer I now have to create the same layer on all of my levels which is a bit of a ball ache. Unless of course I'm missing a trick and there's an easier way to go about it?

  • I want to have the same touch layout on every page so duplicating layers would be useful.

  • I'm quite sure global layers were introduced for that exact purpose.

  • jlunbeatable2 this is a almost 3years old thread, but to help with your need all you want to use is a Global layer.

  • thanks man!

  • Could be used if you are using a lot of WebGL effects to palette swap (replace color... also, anyone remember Super Mario Bros (1985) and how the underground levels had the same tileset as the ground levels, but blue?)...

    I really don't want to spend hours just to replicate the effect to give three layers one palette.

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