[Suggestion] Deactivate Platform Behavior

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  • Could you please add the ability to activate/deactivate the platform behavior?

    Since there are no families yet, I've been making all of my enemies out of a single object. It's working well so far, but being unable to deactivate the platform behavior for non-platform enemies is causing some trouble.

    Also, there was talk of a "jump-through platform" behavior a little while ago. Any idea if that will make it into the next build? I've made my own jump-through platforms by deactivating/activating solids depending on the player's position, but this won't work with platform enemies.

  • I'd love an on off switch for all of the behaviours. Turn on physics only when dead, for example...

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  • Yeah that would be pretty nice. I don't see why only certain behaviors can be activated/deactivated. On top of that, you can only change certain behavior properties via events, instead of all the ones you'll find when editing the behavior in the layout editor :T I want to say they're just unfinished but this is how it was in CC as well so eh.

  • Was just thinking this.

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