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  • Its not really a gamebreaking function, and maybe im the only one around that sort of sucks at keeping check on where some certain events are when im looking around in nested groups when making complex games and programs ^__^;

    But it would be immensely helpful if i could assign colors to an event-tree/entire group/single comments, so while scrolling in the list of events i would react and stop at a red event-tree, knowing that its the events containing combat, while if i continue scrolling i get to the green events which contains movement.

    Or something like that. It would help a lot just to keep things ordered and to see what events are related to what part of the program.

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  • Why not use groups? You could put all your attacking events in one group, etc. As a plus, it lets you collapse groups.

  • Thats what i have done, just to keep things simple i always use a lot of groups so i can shut off basicly all code i dont work with at any time.

    But when having to work in several groups simultaneously, finding vital nested events while scrolling can sometimes be a bit time consuming ^^; Or am i just missing something that keeps things more clear in the view? Having to open the groups and subgroups to get to the event im after can be just as time-consuming if the event is deeply hidden.

    Having a nested nested group being able to color red / green / blue or whatever would save a ton of time for me, but i realize it might not be of very major interest to the game creator community as a whole so other more vital updates should take priority ^^

    I just figured if it was easy to implement, i would love it dearly.

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