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  • Hi,

    Thanks for C2 so that I can make games easily,

    I have several feedback about the collision editor,

    For faster and accurate purpose,

    It's trouble to adjust vertex one by one,

    Here's the functions that I suggest:

    01 > Select Multiple Vertex

    So far I can't add or subtract vertex of collision,

    It will be better if able to adjust multiple vertex together.

    02 > Align Position

    Select multiple vertex > Align to average X/Y position,

    Or align to minimum/maximum X/Y position.

    03 > Snap Position

    It would be great if we can snap vertex to a position,

    For example, snap by grid, snap by pixel and so on.

    04 > Type in position value

    Type in position value directly like moving object.

    05 > Duplicate collision shape

    Copy a collision shape from an object to another object.

    Here's it. I have these ideas because it's like UV editor,

    Hope these functions are available in the future update,

    Thanks you. ^_^

  • In current beta version (r99) and since the couple of previous beta versions :

    Image editor: now allows multiple selection of collision poly points (hold control or shift while selecting), a new 'Select all' option, and dragging multiple points at once.

    To add a point you have to double click a collision point, to delete, you have to select a point and press the "del" key.

    For both actions a right click on a collision point allows to do it to.

    (adding and delete were already in before r97).

    04> A field is available since r97.

    05> Right-click "Apply to whole animation" is a way to do this.

    Also, remember you shouldn't have more than 8 points to make your collision mask anyway (more points might end up in a buggy collision detection and performances loss).

  • Ah, okay, I will try this out later, thanks~ =)

    Hmm, there's a misconception on the last point~

    I mean copy a collision shape to another sprite~

    The "Apply to whole animation" is applying within the sprite~

    For example, I have 2 sprites with no animation~

    The sprite names are "frame" and "metal"~

    Both size is the same, the function I suggest is~

    Copy the collision shape from "frame" into "metal"~

    So that both sprites carry same shape of collision~

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  • You could simply create dummy sprites to use for collisions and pin them to your image sprites?

  • It work also but the purpose is to save project size~

    For example there have 300 same sprites within the layout~

    We will have 600 sprite if we create a dummy sprite for each~

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