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  • With all this talk of mobile I thought I would add a request. Currently I tend to use transparent sprites to work as collision boxes. However with transparency causes a hit on rendering for mobile. i thought it would be best to include a proper collision box.

    Also with the collision box.

    * The box should be designed as connected to an image point. As it is now I need to unpin and pin when mirroring

    * Shift to image points on different frames.

    * remove box if the sprite frame doesn't have the image point.

    * collision box should not trigger to designated UID sprite(ie owner)

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  • While it's true that transparent sprites are still rendered, if you make a sprite invisible it isn't rendered at all.

  • Thanks. such a simple solution the transparency part :) that's a great piece of advice. so simple and overlooked :D

    Doesn't solve the mirroring annoyance though :| oh well. it's just convenience.

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