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  • I have a suggestion that would make C2 a lot lot better.

    The C2 image editor is fine but it lacks of functions.

    It would be nice to see:

    -Image Scaling by percentage (also could have a scale the entire project function)

    -Hue/Saturation/Brigthness (that would make so much difference)

    -Simple filter and effects like blur, glow, grayscale, etc.

    -Circle/Elipse Draw

    -Fill/Fill+Outline/Outline for shapes

    I don't know if it is possible to do, but it would be really nice for C2

    Sometimes is a bit boring when you just need to tweak something in your sprites and you have to go to other software... With that it would be so much faster to change some things

  • No. I think putting ANYMORE work into the internal image editor would be a total, utter waste of time. It only needs one more function: "Open in External Application". Then we can just open our sprites up in gimp/krita/photoshop/etc.

    The C2 IDE is, according to Ashley, very difficult to work with, and if any more work is put into it, it should be for better search capabilities.

  • TiAm - that's a fine idea indeed. One click to open the image in your favorite (and much more powerful) editor and then have C2 refresh itself when you have saved the edited image.

  • It should always be only an "Animation editor" not Image editor.

    This is more important

  • shinkan

    That's an excellent list (as it concerns animation vs image editing), especially the keyboard shortcuts. That being said...I'd still like better search more than anything (well, modularity tops the list, but that's a herculean task).

  • Image editor doesn't need to have robust tools - it won't replace higly advanced external applications in the pipeline.


    Additional option for ghosting frames would be nice - when 0 is a frame being edited, I would like to see -1 and +1 frame almost transparent to know where origin/image points are, compared to one being edited. Also it would be nice to see how image points in current animation relates to image points in other animation. This is crucial to maintain cohesion between two different animations played one after another.

    I don't know how You guys are managing to place origin in two completely different animations with different poses - for me it's a trial - error approach.

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  • rozpustelnik When I exporting my frames I always export them at same size - no matter what's the animation or pose, always export them for example at 512x512. This will make sure all frames are correctly align so image point is always on same place. Only when everything is in place and works like it should I will crop them all to reduce size for each frame.

  • shinkan Yes. Sounds reasonable and simple. Nevertheless I'd like to have it - I have already tons of cropped animations with zero chance to redo them again.

  • +10 vote with Shinkan. I see these "improve image editor" requests too many times a month. Instead the image editor needs to be reduces and increase the the features of animation, collision box, image points.

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