Suggestion auto update plugins

  • Ashley

    Is it possible to add the ability to check plugins on startup for a newer version. Prompting users to download new versions?

  • Third party?

    Download from where?

  • newt,

    Well my facebook plugin for example. Lets say I agreee to some sort of naming protocol for the zip file like (name)(version)(mm-dd-yy) and submit my plugin file pathname (

    Then they would just check the filename and see if there is a newer version. Download and unzip into the directory if there is. Yes I meant third party. :) Anyways just a suggestion.

  • Yeah, it would be great, but there's no way to track all the different urls.

    Perhaps if Scirra were to provide some upload space, a repository at some point.

  • Maybe just a registration list? When you update the plugin, you also login and update the registry for your plugin. So Construct2 can download the plugin registry list, compare the dates and inform the user to seek out a new version?

  • Well isn't it the responsibility of the user who uses third part plugins/behaviors (so not officially supported by Scirra anyway) to keep it updated ?

    In the third part forums there have been attempts of registries which failed over time.

  • That's because they were third party. the request is either for Scirra to do it, or at least support it in the C2 application.

    Helpful feature, but manageable without it.

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  • What if the developer of the plugin wrote some code that is executed on the C2 editor side, hits the plugin website (ajax or open a new window I suppose), checks some value (version number) and if true, prompt C2 user and tell them an update is available, then its on them to go download, sounds pretty reasonable of a solution, similar to how other software does it. my two cents.


  • Ashley, Kyatric

    Is it possible to put javascript in the edit time file?

  • I had made a plugin download tool before. It could create documents at uploader side.

    This tool is made by python language.

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