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  • Ashley

    It would be fantastic to have a few more features. When adding effect give a name to track the effect.

    Add Convolution by filename.



    don't add additional effect by name.

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  • Ashley   

    This is a bump... I hate bumping and prefer doing work around. but the sound engineering is kicking my rumpus to use more advanced effects. And the more I use the advance effects I find them currently difficult to easily work with.

    It would be awesome that when adding an effect to a tag stream. That the effect could be named. So instead of working off of a 0 based index. The developer can check for string name.

    In our demo of a game we are working on we have various effects we are adding.

    Muffling with lowpass

    Convolution of 2 different types and more than likely more as we go

    At this time I'm just going to give a single example.

    The audio tag in question is called "step". It is of course a foot step.

    There are two convolutions we want to use with Footstep. A stone hall and a home.

    There is also muffled on carpet in both convolution stone hall and home. When the player walks off the carpet the game needs to remove the effect. this can be done with the params.

    We need up and down these effects. but doing so with 0 index in order of added has been difficult. :(

    what we want to do is load the stream up early on in the game. Then use sprite collision objects with string names and values to turn on and off these effects. So when player walk on the carpet there is an overlap(while true) to up the effect of "shallow carpet muffle". When the player walks off we lower the effect of "shallow carpet muffle".

    In a simpler web game it's easy to work with numbers. But as we are looking and many different environments and filter effects over the span of the entire game. The 0 index can soon fall out of control as more is going to be added.

    So I'm going to bump this once a day until a response comes up :D

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