[SUGGESTION] Aspect Ratio support

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  • For example:

    if Aspect Ratio 4:3 then set Object position to X1, Y1

    if Aspect Ratio 16:9 then set Object position to X2, Y2

    Could be useful, I think

  • You can already do this using the Browser object's expressions to calculate the aspect ratio yourself, or the scale inner/scale outer fullscreen modes with carefully designed layouts. I don't think there needs to be a new feature for it.

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  • Ashley

    Perhaps a bit off topic, but why isn't a "stretch" mode possible or important enough to be implemented for the scaling modes? By "stretch" i mean, that the exact area of the layout you define in the layout editor would be shown, just stretched over all of the available screen space.

    I could see this being extremely helpful for mobile applications, where you have to deal with a surprisingly wide variety of screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Or i could just be honest and say that this feature would help numerous lazy developers in making a game, without having to worry about the part of layout that's visible to user (moving/scaling GUI elements is a pain in a certain place i shall not name) or black bars around the screen (e.g. wasted space that looks unprofessional), at the expense of slight visual artifacts, such as round objects being elliptic...

    pls respond

  • Surely not? It looks horrible. And technically it's distortion and is regarded as a fault. I think letterboxing is far better than an ugly stretch.

  • szymek

    I've had the same "problem" ... I wanted to mentein the game's scale the same regarding the aspect ratio or resolution. The solution was quite simple (no math involved <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">). More info:


    Also, you can do what you want by calculating the aspect ratio yourself:



    Is there a way to change the scale mode during gameplay ? For example: I use Scale Outer, but if the layer is smaller than the Window Size, than change to Scale Inner.

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