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  • I have a really rough time when I'm designing my levels, because everytime I copy an background object and paste it, usually I'm pasting on the wrong layer.

    I know I could just make all layers invisible and use only the layer that I want to add the objects, but I keep going back and forth because I like to see what does it look like while I copy tiles.

    I know I'm probably asking too much, but any chance you guys could implement an option like that? Something like "Change active layer to selected object"? I don't even care about being able or not to copy multiple items from multiple layers to these same layers, I just want to be able to copy tiles to the right layer without having to check it everytime.


  • Having the ability to set the layer an object is on, over in preferences, after you select the object helps a lot.

    You can also move all instances to a layer if you have them all selected.

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  • i wish there is a way that change all objects in all layouts , so we don't check every layout where the object layer...

  • I have a question also;

    Can I see an objects UID and IID directly from the Construct 2 window? The only way I can do this right now is if I create a text object, put it above my character, play, and stay in front of the object I want to get the UID from..

  • no cause those are made dynamically during runtime

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