Suggestion : 3D Transformation Matrices

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  • Are transformation math functions on the road map? Would be good to take a leaf out of the XNA / Unity book and have a Vector3 or Vector4 types along with some useful Matrix transform functions. Even though Construct2 is aimed at 2D, 3D transformations for 2.5D games can really bring games to life.

    I've been working on some retro vector graphic line sprite/functions (I.e. using a thin sprite between two points). Having to bend arrays to simulate a Vector3, vertex indexing and do the 3D matrices from first principles within an event would probably be a lot quicker with some built in functions.

    Just a suggestion :)

  • For now , Let's keep it 2D , Maybe when Ashley finishes all his To-Do list , you'll see 2.5D , but not for now ...


  • For now , Let's keep it 2D , Maybe when Ashley finishes all his To-Do list , you'll see 2.5D , but not for now ...


    May be, but in the ever changing world of HTML5, I hope Ashley is thinking about supporting the emerging 3D standards (at least). Construct2 is such a neat project, it would be a shame to miss out on this aspect of gaming. 2.5D "Space Harrier" style game play would work well via the current construct2 sprite objects/engine.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. Until then, I'll carry on with the array and event munging :)

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  • 2.5D transformation capabilities was one of the first things I missed, it simply would open a whole new world of possibilities and could simplify a lot of tasks (like simple objects X/Y axis rotations, etc).

    So well, although I think I understand all the difficulties, I hope we can count with it more sooner than later (fingers crossed <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />).

  • I must confess, I haven't looked in to the sc plugin SDK much. If get get this 3D retro vector line thing going, I'll look at doing a transformation plugin. Would be a logical progression to avoid the many array.At() multiplication events I have.

    Incidentally, my puzzle game higgs is using similar transforms for the background animations and flying objects.

  • Concerning 3D in C2 the subject has been discussed (yet again) a few weeks ago. Please check this topic and you may possibly continue the discussion there.

    I remember rexrainbow had released some plugin (or behavior) that helps working with isometric/2.5D. I don't remember the exact name/association but you can check the list of released plugins and behaviors and check in rexrainbow's wiki.

    Also there is some mode7 webGL effect released, as well as this topic/WIP you might want to join.

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