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  • But, where a different project, maybe outdate or for prototype ideas, exist.

    I found this scenario building two project of the same game. In one i prototype crazy, potentially breaking ideas, and in another directory i saved my "stable" project of the same kind.

    Obviously C2 didn't like the idea of saving a project where another exist. And I can only save the opened project "on itself" to call it somehow.

    I don't know the terrible implications of making a "save as" that lets you overwrite an existing project. But I would like that even as a third save option.

    Related to this, i could be mistaken, i changed file names and even sprites files on Animation directory and saw the change on my project. Like an automatic restoration/adaptation to the change. I really liked that. But when i saved the project as a caproj and reopened it later, i found all kind of errors on regards of the changes i made.

    Is like the xml takes the changes while the editor has the project active but doesn't save it in the end. (I know i made those changes in a very disrupting way), but i really liked how the project adapted my changes directly from the file structure.

    I'm mumbling to much now. I just let you know my impressions on a working day with C2.

    BTW, once my stupid bank gives me access to homebanking i will finally buy the licence. I hate Argentina and it's limitations ��

    See you team! Keep the excellent work with C2!

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  • I hear you on this, and have brought this issue up before.

    My least favourite part of Construct2 is the project management aspect of it. I would ideally like to save iterations of a project with a "save as" command within the project folder structure, so all project files relate to the same project assets.

    Also, the current method of swapping out and appending animated sprites is a nightmare! To import an animate sprite, I have to import the first frame into the sprite editor, and then right click the animation window to import all, except the first frame. Why can't I just import all animate frames at once?

    If I need to replace the animation, it is possible to replace them in the folder and then update but I have found it to be flaky as you have mentioned. Also, since Construct has changed the naming convention, so it is now 000.png 0001.png etc it means I need to re-render out my new sequence to this , instead of something meaningful like alienwalk000.png.

    It is also impossible to multiselect more than one frame of animation to delete before replacing them. We really need an replace all frames function in the sprite editor.

    My current workaround is to rename the animation I want to replace (for instance "walk" becomes "walk_old")Then create a new sprite animation called with the old name("walk") and then import the new frames. Then delete the original sequence("walk_old"). I have found that this works better than replacing frames in the folder structure, but it is clunky!

    Hope to see some love put into this in the future by Scirra   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Moooh ! Your suggestion is already in the list ! Ashley ?

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