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  • Hi Ashley & Thomas

    Il try to explain the above titel.

    Im building multiple web apps for my website.

    These apps have study purposes.

    Im happy to say that at the current rate i have been able to build all that i need except for one very imporant feature.

    At an ideal situation i imagine that in the future construct 2 has a feature for within my apps by which i can input the ftp details of my server.

    And then i can input a folder name.

    So that from then on the app im building can save complete canvas and events states to that folder.

    (I imagine canvas as the whole thing: So all created sprites at their current position, behaviours etc)

    And then (in the created app itself) would be implemented a specific plugin that can simply Load "total game state" and Save "total game state".

    Why i am asking scirra to implement this feature in a future build is because, i think it would benefit not only me, but all game creators using construct 2 to have a (from their end) simple way to be able to save their whole game state in a permanent server folder and load this state from within their game or app.

    I know u dont get me wrong, so in plain simple language i can say that many people use construct 2 because of its effectiveness in functional simplicity.

    And building a save and load function seems to be a really hard case at this point(for the ones who are not fully into programming) as myself.

    I am aware of the webstorage plugin.

    But "as far" as i am aware of it, it only uses browser sessions and local sessions.

    So in other terms when the user erases the cashe memory its all gone.

    And it does not simply have a function save the all state and load the all state.

    What i myself am searching for is a (simple) "permanent" save solution.

    That way the users of my apps can keep on building content from within the apps they are using, and later recall them for study.

    Building a database of knowledge can then be aplied.

    I know this is a specific usage for me.

    But i can imagine that others would benefit from this construct 2 feature as well.

    Maybe a save and load to and from dropbox function for within a game or app could be an even simpler solution?

    Thanx for what u have read so far.

    Im looking forward to a reply.

    Kind regards.


  • Interesting Idea... but i'm not sure that it's update worthy. But hey, let Tom & Ashley be the judge of that :)

  • Savvy001: the thing you are asking for isn't doable in JS/HTML only. You need to send a request to the server (Ajax, CGI or something else), to store your data. The server need to know what to do with that. So you also need to code for the server, something which isn't tractable by Construct.

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  • I dont know the hows and ifs to this save canvas to server option.

    But what it comes down to is that when it "could" be made possible for construct 2 users to save their entire canvas state in game through a function coded in the core of construct.

    It would be an awesome feature.

    And if what u say means that construct 2 needs to co-op with other software, 1 on server , other the game itself to make that work.

    Than that sounds to me like teamwork :-)

  • Classic has a save and load feature, and since we're trying to make C2 do everything Classic does in the long run, this means eventually we'll add something like this.

  • Thats fantastic news!

    Im looking forward with much enthousiasm.

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