Suddenly Node Webkit only runs as Canvas2D ...why?

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  • Currently I am having a weird problem.

    I just migrated my project to another computer, and then when I previewed my game as NodeWebkit, I see that it is using Canvas2D, rather than WebGL. I've tried switching previewing on Chrome instead. Strangely, it uses WebGL.

    I was wondering whether some parts of my project are affecting this, so I tried load up the Ghost Shooter, and preview it. It also says Canvas2D.

    I thought, perhaps something is off in Construct 2's NodeWebkit configuration somewhere, so to test this, I grabbed my project that has been exported as NodeWebkit 4 months ago. I ran it, and surprisingly, it is also using Canvas2D. It never runs in Canvas2D before...ever...

    Does anybody know what's going on here? My Chrome can run in WebGL, but how come NodeWebkit just runs only in Canvas2D, even for an older exported NodeWebkit?

    Just in case, my GPU is GT 240 DDR3 1 GB. I've tried applying "ignore blacklist configuration", but that does not help.

  • You know when you export as Node-Webkit, and you get that little "Dxinstaller" .exe thing? (Forgot what it's called)

    Perhaps you need to run that once, then try running the project. Happened to me in the past and worked for me

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