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  • Hi there,

    This is my first post on the forums but I've been following Construct for a while and been trying out little bits here and there. Now I've decided to take the plunge and actually produce something and it's all been going well, until recently. I had installed the Clay IO plugin to make use of the advertisement plugin that they have available and it's all been going well.

    Recently however there appears to be a white box on the middle of the screen when I load in safari on my iPhone. I believe it's similar to the Clay IO log in screen but it's not loading anything else and it seems to be too big to access the close button. The problem is there isn't anything that I can think that I've done that would make this suddenly appear. I've even deleted the Clay IO plugins just too make sure but it still seems to be appearing.

    Please have a look for yourself, it might not be appearing for you if that's the case then brilliant but there is still the question of why it appeared in the first place then.

    flappyclone . net78 . net

    Thanks for anything you can suggest to help

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