Submit to Apple App store on a PC using construct?

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  • Can I write iphone and ipad games on a PC (windows 8) using construct 2 and successfully submit them to the Apple App Store from my PC?

    I don't have a Mac, don't plan to buy one, and never will have one. Nor will I have an iPhone or iPad. So many better choices out there than these stale products. But that doesn't mean I don't recognize that everyone else has bought one and there is money to be made. :)


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  • Sorry, yeah you need a Mac to submit your game.

  • You will need a Mac.

    CocoonJS outputs an xarchive file which has to be compiled by xcode to an IPA to send to apple. If you want any proper testing of your app you will need a Mac.

    Don't want to buy a mac? Borrow one, build your entire project on a pc, borrow someones macbook for compiling and submission. I got my hands on an old iMac and voila I'm on the AppStore.

    I did fall in love and later bought a MacBook and now I can complete the App process from start to finish on one device.

  • Yes you need a mac, but you can do it without mac if you use a virtual machine by using VMware and Mac ISO

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