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  • Hello, I have a question here. (sorry for my bad English)

    I create this 'Collider', which my Player can't step or walk on it. I followed this video from YouTube: 2. Build an RPG - Moving Between Areas-Level (Construct 2 Tutorial). It's working clearly until I add this Collider to a several objects like trees and the house (like the video did). But, I stuck in my own Collider. How can I fix it? Please help me.. ><

    Oh yeah, I couldn't move my Player when its entered in a new layout. How can I make it move in a new layout?

    Thanks.. :3

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  • I have had the same problem before in some projects. The solution I've came up with is a workaround:

    • I'm using pathfinding to move.
    • I detect being 'stuck' if my Player is overlapping a collision object (CollisionFamily)
    • I disable the Solid behaviour of CollisionFamily.
    • I regenerate my pathfinding map.

    Because you didn't provide a capx to demonstrate your setup, I'm not how much of this is of help, but I just recall how I had an issue with getting stuck in colliders, too.



  • Oh, Thanks.. ^^ I will try to do it. I really appreciate it.

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