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  • Hi there, I've been using Construct 2 for a while now and I've been so impressed by some of the features.

    However, one that didn't quite impress me was the particle system, particularly the lack of options for it. I know the whole engine is in early stages and there may be limits of WebGL which hold this back, but I really like the Unity3D Shuriken Particle system and all its features, including particles that grow as time goes on, change colors by time, as well as rotate as time goes on.

    It also uses curves to do the timing over its lifetime.

    Is the particle system still in its early stages as it is now?

    I'd love to see what innovative stuff gets thrown in later if it is!

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  • The particles object is a tradeoff between keeping it simple to use (having pages of options is not intuitive to use) and yet providing all the features people want. I think the best thing to do is use the Particles object, but if that does not suit your needs, just invent your own using Sprite objects. It should be relatively straightforward - just spawn sprites with the bullet movement at regular intervals, and use events to customise their size, angle, opacity etc. throughout their lifetime.

  • Ashley

    Yes, i also don't like pages of options - because it's not intuitive to use. Ashley's Team are worldclass masters to keep all the tings simple.

    So, keep the way of Construct 2, because that is the rigth way!


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  • When you put things that way, it does make sense.

    We have all the features we need to make our own particles with sprites :)

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