Does stretching a 32pixel sprite slow the game dow

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  • So i created a monochrome 32x32 pixel sprite in Construct itself just as is being done in the live classes and stretched those out to form the ground and platforms. Made a second 32x32 sprite and stretched that to 32x64 and gave it the platform behaviour again similar to what is being done in the live classes. That is all. This simplest ever setup already doesn't get above 43 frames on a laptop. The resolution of the window that game runs in is 1024 x 512. So my question is "does the stretching a 32x32 sprite make it count as a bigger picture or should it still run superfast"?

    I can include a capx but i think this setup is so simple it should make a very clear question as it is? Thanks in advance..

    Regards, Danny

  • It runs WebGL so no prob there btw

  • Which browser are you using? If you try different ones is the performance better?

    The change you have made is so trivial it would probably have zero effect on the framerate.

  • Thanks Ashley. I didn't think it would have much impact. I don't see it really cause i am on a desktop system on HD settings and decent hardware but i have a couple of friends test stuff and in this case two laptops running both chrome and firefox both get sluggish results. Chrome at 39 and FF at 43 fps..

    It's a mystery to me.. very different laptops too with big difference in hardware and age. But as i see it this sort of stuff should still run at a nice 57-60 fps.

    I would have tested it myself by simply changing some stuff around but since i have a system that has no trouble running it (i run 60fps in both browsers) i can't effectively test this. Anyways.. i was just getting some confirmation here since i already kinda said to myself this couldn't be it.

    I since posting here added a couple checkpoints but again exactly how it was shown in the live class week#1..

    Here if you want to see..

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