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  • I fired up my current platformer project today, added a few things to it, went to run it and found the layout loaded in a completely strange area, about in the middle of the level, far from the player sprite. I have an "every tick scroll to player" action as well. Any idea what's going on??

  • In an effort to troubleshoot the problem, I moved the character sprite to the location in the level that was shown when I played. This time, it doesn't show the same area - its further down the level - but the game plays fine...its just that the camera is way off. What switch do I have flipped that I shouldn't?

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  • Nevermind! I figured it out!

    I had duplicated the player object to create a new enemy...thus also duplicating it's "Scroll To" behavior. The game was fighting over which character to point the camera on, so it picked the point in the middle.

  • check that you didn't accidentally disable the scroll to behavior, or also give it to something else...

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