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  • Very strange issue. For some reason or other the colours in my graphics change AND they seem partly corrupted. It looks as if some sort of compression is applied to the graphics in the editor and while playing. And why would the colours change like that? Not using any blend effects: just plain old image.

    The png's look fine in the built-in editor or in external applications.

    And yes, newest graphics drivers (catalyst 3.4) are installed.

    Please check this image:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    My system: Win7 64bit - i7 920@3.6Ghz, p6t Deluxe v1, 48gb (6x8gb RipjawsX), ATI 7970 3gb (connected to screens), EVGA 590 3GB (for gpu CUDA), Revodrive X2 240gb, e-mu 1820. Screens: 2 x Samsung s27a850ds 2560x1440, HP 1920x1200 in portrait mode

  • first of all, save the JPG or PNGs from Photoshop with: "Don't color manage"

  • Not using Photoshop, but Photoline. And with color management turned off there is no real difference in Construct, but for a slight colour change.

  • Are you using any layer or object effects? Perhaps share your .capx so we can identify if the problem only happens on your computer.

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  • Thanks Ashley: I actually HAD applied a layer effect (HSL), which I had completely forgotten about. I've been working on this project for months now in my free time.

    It's now fixed.

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