Strange FPS depending on layers?

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  • Just a quick question. Anyone else noticing an FPS drop depending on how many layers you have in debug mode?

    I was working on a game with 3 layers perfectly fine, but then added 2 extra. Suddenly, when in debug I'm hitting 20+fps less than I was before, with no other changes made. Then I worked my way up to 8 layers, and I'm back to 60fps. I can't see what may be causing the slow down, but I noticed this about 5 versions back, and though it'd be a random glitch that'd be resolved in the next stable release.

    Just upgraded, and still an issue.

    Wanted to know if it was just me, or something else. Just annoying me at the moment, as the game I'm working on is constantly on 5 layers per level. Ashley has mentioned before that the number of layers shouldn't affect anything, so that's why I'm scratching my head.

  • As an update to this, multiple games are affected by this issue.

    8 layers seems to be the magic number when using the debug.

  • I suggest you reproduce this bug in a new capx file and send a bug report in the Bugs forum so Scirra can investigate:

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  • Yep, as glerikud said. If the layers are using default settings, they actually have close to zero performance overhead, so that would be strange...

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