Strange behavior with variables.

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  • Hello, I do not understand this behavior that has C2 create a variable that was previously deleted.

    In this gif you can see the following:

    1 - It eliminates the variable named "variable2" and its reference in the OR block is automatically deleted - OK

    2 - Copy the variable "variable3" and paste, automatically assigned the name "variable4" and AUTOMATICALLY appears again reference in the OR block - ???, I'm not sure this is appropriate behavior.

    What do you think about this?

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  • Probably a bug with the undo's

    Then again, copy and paste of a variable is a little iffy as well. I mean we all know you can't have a duplicate global variable to begin with.

    Quick fix, don't let users do that.

  • Report this as a bug so that Ashley can look into it.

  • - Thank You for reporting this.

    This is a bit dangerous bug if somehow you want to delete all actions & conditions concerning a variable by deleting the variable but decided to copy the variable before deleting the variable. And when you decide to paste the variable, this will make your entire project a mess. Good thing I didn't encounter this.

    BTW (I like to share my experience with your .capx)... The bug also happen in these conditions.

    1) With / Without the "Or Block".

    2) Even just by copying the (to be deleted) variable and re-pasting the variable also produce a bug.

    3)It also happens to any kind of variable names.

    4)It also happens when dragging to duplicate variables.

    5)It also happens even if the variable was deleted a long time ago.

    6)The actions are also affected like the conditions.

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