Strange behavior of Objects with Wrap when outside layout

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  • Hi! I noticed a strange behavior of objects with the "Wrap" behavior and Bullet when they are placed outside of the layout.

    I tried it with instances and cloned objects to have multiple sprite objects but it was the same with both. The sprites move with bullet behavior from top to bottom (or other directions) and then wrap to appear in the layout again. But only one of the objects outside of the layout appears, moves and wraps. The other instances are not shown and seem to disappear. Debug shows the right number of objects but they do never appear on screen.

    Example 1: (x = invisible object y = moving and wrapping object ---- = top border of layout (viewport top))





    the object which is nearest to the layout border scrolls down and wraps around

    Example 2:





    the object already visible and the one nearest to the layout appear and move from top to bottom and wrap around.

    But why is only the nearest object outside of the layout appearing and moving in from outside the layout?

    (I already created some code to create the objects inside the layout with a loop and then start moving them but it would be much easier if you just could place the sprites and then let them move with the wrap behavior)

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  • Does anyone know some kind of workaround for this issue to manually place objects and let them wrap?

    If only a few objects are shown its no problem to place them directly on the layout. But there is no way to make this work if there are more objects than fit on the layout?

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