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  • Hi,

    i have got to the point in my game where i am adding audio and adjusting volumes etc but i seem to have hit a strange problem.

    I start a music track looping at the beginning of the game and have menu buttons which make a simple click sound. The music plays fine at the volume expected, however when i press a button the click sound works but the music volume drops to about half.

    If i press a button again the the music volume seems to drop by half again. The debugger shows the actual volume in db isnt changing.

    If i dont press the buttons ( make the click sound) then the music volume slowly returns to what you would expect.

    This is using r143 and chrome / node-webkit.

    Cant post the capx as the game is almost complete.

    Any suggestions?

  • spongehammer never encounter this problem. Try changing the button sound with another .WAV file. It is possible that the sound has some low frequency and the sound card(or audio engine) tries to auto adjust the level?

  • Cipriux

    Thanks for the idea. I changed the music file and it seems to work better, not 100% but better. I wonder if the problem is with the frequency of the audio then?

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  • what browser are you using? can you make a small html demo with the audio problem so we can preview it online? I can test it in Firefox/Chrome.

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