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  • Hello,

    I have two consecutive layouts that are essentially offering menu items, implemented as images, to select subsequent layouts.

    When i detect a touch on an image in the first layout, goto layout action is invoked. The same holds for the second layout that has six images included (sort of like win8 blocks to choose items).

    Problem is that when an image is touched in layout 1, indeed layout two is shown, but immediately the image underneave the touch is also touched, and the which invokes yet another goto layout.

    Essentially, unless in the Layout i press touch over a location where there is no image in the second layout, the touch event is registered on the second layout, and immediately the third layout is shown.

    I did a work around, implementing a touch count in the second layout. Only after a second touch event on any image in the second layout the third layout is shown. This work around helps, but i am wondering if there is a bug here.

    Or, if there should be a system action that clears all events of a first layout before a second layout is shown.



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