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  • Hello.

    I need tips and suggestions setting up the Stepping iterations and Stepping mode in Physics. I think they may be responsible for some small lags in my game.

    I get a small lag with the physics ( i think it's the physics ) in my game and I wonder why that is, and if I can do anything about it?

    In my game, I have a player that throw an object - applying a force in a direction. Also applying physics angular velocity so the object rotates. It works very good... The object gets thrown and rotates in air, as I want. But sometimes when the object are in air, I get some kind of flickering lag. You know... it feels like flickering, like when you play a game and the screen cant keep up with the framerate. But also the object can slightly lag ( freeze ) for a very short while, and then "jump" a short distance - as if the object are synchronizing something?

    However the game works pretty nicely with the performance - but I was wondering if I can fix this small problem?

    When I'm testing at my computer in Firefox. I have 60fps most of the time. Sometimes it can drop down to 45-50, but only for very short moments.

    This is a multiplayer game and I only have one single object with physics in the game. The players take turns throwing it.

    I haven't change any default settings for the physics: Stepping iterations and Stepping mode. So I think they are set to standard as you can find in the manual for the Physics behavior.

    I would be very happy if anyone with experience with these values could give some pointers what they feel works best - performance wise.

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  • I think you're much better off trying the game in Chrome.... Make sure you have asm.js physics selected in project settings. If both of those cause your game to still jank then the best visual effect will be found by setting the physics to framerate independent.

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