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  • Be sure to pick up a copy through steam everybody!

    50% off! Can't go wrong on this purchase!

  • <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> 50% off?


  • Yeah. I'm still waiting on confirmation from Ashley to see if this indeed a Scirra-sanctioned sale, or if Steam has gone and put it on sale regardless.

  • Just checking up on the subject about sales. This is snipped from Steam/Valve

    Free and Paid Distribution

    Valve may choose to distribute Your Contribution for free and/or for a fee. Where Valve distributes Your Contribution for free, Valve has no obligation to compensate You. With respect to Third Party Games, the end user license or subscription terms for the Third Party Game may preclude You from giving Valve the right to distribute Your Contribution for a fee.

    Payments for Paid Distribution of Valve Games.

    If Valve chooses to distribute Your Contribution for a Valve Game for a fee, then Valve may set the price for such distribution in its sole discretion, and Valve will pay You as follows, conditioned on Your compliance with the obligations contained in this Agreement. Beginning with the calendar month in which Valve first distributes a copy of the Valve Game Contribution for a fee, Valve shall pay to You twenty-five percent (25%) of the Adjusted Gross Revenue (defined below) actually received by Valve from Valve?s distribution of the copy of the Valve Game Contribution during the calendar month. To the extent that the payment calculation results in a negative amount, that negative amount will be carried forward and deducted from any future amounts otherwise payable by Valve hereunder. Valve will remit payment in accordance with Valve procedures, currently net 30 paid in full. Please note that Valve may change procedures in the future, for example requiring a minimum amount to accumulate before making a payment. You also acknowledge and agree that other users, and Valve itself, may create other works that are similar to Your Valve Game Contribution(s), ...............

    It looks like Valve keeps the right to sell the game at whatever cost they want. So it looks like they can have a sale whenever they want too. Regardless of what Scirra wants.

  • jayderyu that's the documentation for 'Contribution to a Valve Game'. I think it's for people who design hats and guns for Team Fortress 2.

    The contract for developers would be significantly more generous, but is not publically revealed.

  • So tell me again, why do people like Steam?

  • Does steam pay 50% to publishers when it's affected by summer sales?

  • I really suscribe to steam just to buy construct2, but i really dislike to run steam all the time... bvecause i don't usually use it...

    I need to "upgrade " to normal scirra license, how can i do it? i need to pay more?

  • Why do people like Steam?

    Its a great publishing platform for small and big studios.

    Its very cheap during sales.

    Its community is big and the social components of steam are good for gamers.

    Its the biggest distribution platform on pc.

    Thats why stesm is great, i own over 170 games there, and son also c2, you can share screenshots there, earn achievements, everything a true game needs.

    I dunno how the fees are, that only the publishers know, i only know its great ;)

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  • ^ They take 30% if that's what you're asking.

  • Why do people like Steam? They give away developers stuff, what more could you ask? hehe

    I use Steam because it is very nice to go to a friends house and be able to download/play your stuff on their machine. It makes it great to LAN party.

  • I personally wouldn't buy Construct through Steam (whole bunch of threads about Steam vs Non-steam on here so don't start that here!)

    But I love steam; I also don't know any other distribution services so you're kinda screwed... it's a love-hate thing.

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