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  • Any chance this will appear in the Steam Sale this year? I've only just started getting into Construct2 but i'm holding off buying it on the off-chance it will be in their sale (which should be starting soon allegedly)...

    ...every little helps!

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  • I purchased it like with 5 or 10% off on steam when it was first released. So I imagine that there will be some sale, whenever the summer sale starts haha.(An FYI) I purchased C2 through Steam, but you cannot link your online account with your Steam account, at least not yet(I think something to do with the DRM).

  • Keep in mind scirra very rarely has sales. I think it's been on sale only once or twice since it's creation.

    That's not to say they won't. But not to say they will, either (I don't know and haven't heard any mention of one).

  • Just go ahead! It's worth it !

  • Compared to other products, it's already super cheap. Remember, you get the plugins included.

    I'd definitely recommend you jump in! If you're unsure though, I heard a rumour the Steam Sales would start on or around the 13th, so feel free to wait.

  • R2

  • whoah! DOnt know if anyone noticed but construct2 is 50% off in the steam sale. They dont mention it on the main page (that I could see) but if you search for its page the reduced prices are there!

    Cha ching!


  • Yep it's on sale. Definitely worth it

  • Like always, it's probably best not to buy until the last day of the sale. It might come up on a daily or flash sale (like RPG Maker right now is)

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  • So what's the difference between the version on Steam and the version you can buy from this website.

    Would Steam have to be running in the background to use the Steam version of Construct 2?

  • judgephuz

    Thinking about it, I'm pretty much always online when I use c2 anyway as that allows me to keep previewing projects on various other devices (such as ipad, and whatnot). So even if steam was chugging away in the background I'm not sure if it'd make much of a difference. Then again, I haven't used Steam very much so maybe I'm missing something?

  • Let's just say I'm not Steams biggest fan

  • I don't want to have steam running in the background as it is useless to have when using any sort of tools like RPG Maker or C2, and has always been a nuisance for me, so I was also wondering if I could purchase a license theough steam and then just use the one directly from Scirra.

  • I must be odd in that Steam is almost always running on my machine. Just is.

  • klkitchens nah, it's not odd. But with me, I always trim down as many unnecessary processes as possible on my machines. It's a bit compulsive, I know, but on my old Win XP laptop, I got it down to around 16 processes running, on average, and it's still going strong after 8 years, a faulty fan, and an obnoxious 3.1 GHz single-core processor. XD

    But seriously though, with the amazing sales Steam puts up for developer tools, I really wanna know if I can use my Steam C2 licensed for a regular C2. Or, God forbid, I crack the original version to use my Steam license. >_> <_< o_o

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