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  • Hi,

    Since Construct 2 is now on Steam, what about implement a plugin for resources from steam?

    The plugin should cover some resources from Steamworks API:

    Like Stats & Achievements, Friends, User Authentication & Ownership, Community, Cloud and others if possible.

    This way we can made a full steam game, instead a simple node webkit.

    Is this already in plans? Or is just impossible right now?

  • Almost forgot this one... Workshop integration!

  • I think the bigger problem would be getting your game on Steam, even with Greenlight it's pretty hard!

  • Don't worry , they are working on it !

  • You can only get the Steamworks API once Steam have agreed to add you (i.e. successful greenlight or Valve want you). So even if we integrated it we would not have permission to publicly distribute it.

  • Sure, but my the question is not if I will get my game to Steam, is more like "if" I get my game on Steam.

    I think for steam users, the possibility to integrate with Steam, even if is only for approved ones... will give Construct more users on Steam.

    At least for me, I will never try to put my game to greenlight if I can't put some steam features after begin approved.

    Or are you saying that games begin made with Construct 2 don't have potential to be on Steam?

  • Construct 2 games can be on Steam using the node-webkit exporter, and Valve say that Steam integration is entirely optional, so you don't have to use the Steamworks API to get on Steam. However there are a few problems like the fact the API is under NDA, so it's a bit trickier than normal.

  • Yes, note-webkit would work for Steam, I'm just trying to discussion the future here, If there's is or not a plan to implement those features. Probably right now is too much work for nothing.

    Other thing is the workshop, not just for our games, but for Construct 2 as well, like adding plugins, textures, sounds though workshop to Construct 2.

  • A bit off topic, but my install of Construct 2 through steam won't work for me because it's not the latest version of Construct 2 (I think it was 114). Do I need to manually put the files in that folder for it to use the newest version?

  • wilsonglasser: try to read again Ashley's posts just above yours.

    The first (only) thing to do for you is to get a game on Steam.

    Integration of steam API should not a big deal but it is only accessible to accepted games anyway.

    If your game gets accepted, than you should think about this integration (and should get help for it anyway either by Valve and/or Scirra).

    As for the workshop features, I'm not sure it's that relevant. (plugins are stored in the forum what could steamwork add to this ?)

    Also what about ppl who only use the standalone version ?

    : for now the steam version of C2 is only the stable (so r114). Ashley is working on having the beta version also working.

    But as you said, it's off-topic of this thread.

    I guess what you really need for now is this tutorial.

  • Kyatric

    Like I said, I'm trying to discuss about this... Already know the fact that the API is only for accepted games, what I want to know is if Scirra is planning to support this API in the future.

    Now about the Construct 2 and Workshop integration, is not relevant to the topic, but is with Scirra, plugins are stored TODAY in the forum, tomorrow plugins maybe will be in a repository? And maybe also in Workshop? Why not?

    Plugins in forum restrict some lazy/inexperienced people, more visibility and easy access give people more opportunities to try and support some plugins.

    We already have some app to install plugins, why not an official way to do this?

    And people who use standalone version can just do as always if they prefered this way.

  • I have an idea. I don't know if it could happen but hey, I'm gonna say it anyways. I understand that the Steam API cannot be distributed by anyone besides Steam. But what if Scirra made a plugin with it, then made an agreement with Steam for Steam to hold the rights to it, and if Steam wanted to, they could give the plugin to Greenlighted games for use with ONLY their game. (Just like the Steam API). I feel like this should happen because I feel that literally Construct 2 is the most powerful program I have ever used and for it not to be able to reach its maximum potential on PCs would be disappointing. I feel that if Construct 2 games had the ability to link with Steam directly the possibilites would be as much as any other greenlighted game. This is what I think would be only fair.

  • You would be better off building your own plug. While it would be great to see some games get on Steam, its still a very niche product, and full of pitfalls, such as support for changes to a third party api, etc.

    Wouldn't you rather time be spent on updates, fixes, etc. to C2, rather than something so few would be able to use?

  • newt Yeah this should not take priority over others important things. Like Ashley said, if you get Greenlighted you could just ask for support from Scirra or Valve...

    But I think the plugin is still a viable option for the future, maybe in the moment when Construct 2 turn to be quite mature.

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  • There is a NodeJs library that probably can be use for this , ,

    You probably will need to do few things

    1. build html5 version

    2. setup this project into node-webkit or Electron by yourself

    3. install this package into your node-webkit/Electron

    4. probably need to create a C2 Runtime plugin to be able to access to this API

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