Steam / Greenworks with NW 10.5 questions

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  • I was searching the forum for previous discussions about greenwork with node webkit 10.5, but the threads are more about talking perfs + NW versions and it's quite hard to find definitive answers in it. I'll update this first post and make it a FAQ so everyone releasing a game on Steam can read your solutions : )

    OVERLAY: Would someone be kind enough to tell (again?) if someone managed to get the Steam overlay working with NW 10.5, and which Greenworks version has to be used?

    CLOUD: Did someone sent the C2 saves in the cloud? Is there anything to know about it, like a special path to enter in Steam interface?

    BUGS: is using an old version of Greenworks risky? Any bug to report on the achievements side?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  • Aurel for the Overlay I can't tell for sure since I am using NW11.5 (NW12),

    //Edit: Look at this for more information:

    For the Cloud, I managed to do it, add me on Steam then I can explain how to do so if you are interested. My Steam Profile is linked on my Scirra profile

    Regarding the Bugs I think you have to find out for yourself.

    But since Ashley made 0.3 available for NW10.X I think it should be safe to use, except for the bug that have been fixed in 0.4

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  • Thanks for your answer!

    Could the could saves been explained here by any chance?

    It's not I don't want to talk with you on Steam, but as rumours say everyone will soon be able to put a game on Steam, this thread could be useful to many once updated as a FAQ : )

  • Hmm, yeah I heard the rumors, however if that's the case I am sure we can update this thread accordingly later.

    But for now I am quite sure that it is still confidential information.

  • Oh, alright then. I didn't think the cloud saves process was under NDA. You must be right.

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