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  • Hi all,

    Has anybody had any problems with their C2 games not showing in Steam Big Picture mode? My users have reported that all they get is audio with a black screen. I made a local multiplayer game so getting my game to show in Steam Big Picture Mode is a crucial thing.

    Is this an issue with Fullscreen? Should I use browser fullscreen or nwjs maximize? Thanks!

    And if you were curious to the game, it's Ballistic Tanks.

  • Has anybody had any problems with their C2 games not working/showing in Steam Big Picture mode?

    What exactly do you mean with "problems"?

    Do you experience a crash, does it start at all, if you receive an error message what does it tell you?

    Please provide more details so I might be able to help you, if it's really related to Steam.

  • Thanks for the response

    My users have reported that they just get a black screen when opening up the game from Steam in Big Picture Mode. They get audio but just a black screen. I presume this has something to do with the fullscreen action, but I am not sure.

    Thanks again.

  • Related to Steam link and/or NW.js not BigPicture itself

  • Ah thanks for the clarification Is there a fix for this?

  • I didn't test enough this feature to be sure but I think the issue is caused by H.264 codec used by steam Link. These codecs are not included with nw.js due to the license needed for them.

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  • Ah thanks for letting me know. That's such a bummer. I was able to get Big Picture mode to work on my end, though sometimes with a weird sound delay. So I'm not sure what the exact issue is with some of my users. Guess there isn't much I can do.

    Thanks again MadSpy.

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