Steam alternate download, or switch to Desura.

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  • I am getting into workflow problems left and right thanks to steams way of handling applications.

    It would sure be a nice option to download DRM free, OS friendly version.

    Some of the limitations are production pipeline crippling.

    My biggest gripe is the way Steam handles file association, You have to run the apps as a Service from a URL. This means that you can not have an launch icon on your Windows 7 Task bar.

    It also means that steam has to always be running and bombarding you with adds and crippling your band-with with game downloads. I dont mind this when it is "Game time" that is usually when I run steam. It is also when I like to shop for games, and see what the daily deals are.

    Another crippling aspect is if you try to launch your application from the desktop or any of the other explorer windows, it will load the evaluation version, rather than my key version.

    Steam is really not built for applications.

    Well, anyway, maybe the DRM police at valve will see the crippling aspect of their platform and make an exception for you guys.

    Ask them we can "opt out" of all the great Steam features, and have Steam as a delivery and update system only.

    If Valve says "no", then challenge them to have THEIR development team put their entire tool set running from steam.

    Let them see what Photoshop is like if you can not load files from the file browser. Let their animators see what Zbrush is like , if the Auto update texture feature from the OS suddenly stopped working.

    There would be a complete RIOT at Valve.

    Desura is a pretty cool delivery system, you guys might consider it over Steam. They allow DRM free stuff. They also do not do anything to reduce the functionality of your great software.

    Dose anyone else think we should be able to get all the features of the non-steam version, delivered from Steam?

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  • You have always been able to purchase C2 right off Scirra's website. Steam was just an added bonus. I don't quite see your predicament.

  • Funny enough, Gaben was against Windows 8 way of handling apps.

    In any case, I think Steam is fairly new to apps, and it has much room for improvment. I used the key Scirra gave to everyone who got C2 from here before it was launched, and I think I used it for about 4 hours top, but mostly because whenever I run it, friends usually come to talk about the program, and I forget to work.

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