Starting a new game - are these features available?

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  • First things first.

    Hi!!! Long time C2 lover but pretty quiet on here.

    I'm going to commit more time to it and learn it properly now. Bought a 2k PC to focus on it!

    Anyway. I want to make a Top Down game (like the one in the very first beginner tutorial with the player, monster, bullet and explosion.)

    But kind of like an outdoor survival game.

    So I want to know are there shadow/lighting effects available in C2?

    Are there water effects?

    I really want the game to look alive and immerse people into it's world.

    • Also side note. Scirra claims that their pre loaded functions in the tool are as good as any major game (like 8 Directional movement etc) Is there a way to tweak these functions without ruining them?

    P.S I suck with forums so i'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or something like that...

    I want to start a Game progress thread to so if someone could suggest a nice place for me to start that one up when it's get going that would be lovely.

    P.S the Game will be for PC and I want to have millions of animations for it haha.



  • Hi Brian,

    Just browse among the behaviors and you see that there is a shadowLight object. When you write: "I really want the game to look alive and immerse people into it's world. ", this can of course be done in a number of ways, but this will partly be up to the art you put in the game. I've made an example that should get you up to speed using 8-direction (use arrow keys). I've added some of the things I would use if making the game like:

    • Tilemap,
    • sprites with shadowCaster and solid
    • easy day/night system (never under estimate the Sine behavior!).
    • a simple fire to show off the shadows
    • a basic water effect

    I really hope you and any one else stumbling upon this get something good from it.


  • The likely best place where to post your progress about your game is in this forum.

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  • Quite clever! I found it helpful and thank you!

  • Thanks OneMuppet that's awesome.

    Thanks Kyatric as well!

    My next thought on the Shadows will be in they can be molded around taller objects that their shadows shouldn't cover. I'm guessing shadows can be matched with collisions to stop that issue so that's sweet.

    What about rain? Does anyone have any experience with being able to make it look like it's pouring down without effecting the ram much?

    Such wonderful software. I will be on this all night. lol

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