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  • I know how to make a new game for android, I just need a good starting point.

    What would be a good way to get started? I have everything I need, just the motivation and where to get started, an idea.

  • You want to make the game for fun or for money.

  • It can be tough to find inspiration. I suggest maybe playing around with existing games to see what appeals to you and why, or maybe you already have a favorite game. I'd think you want to create a game that you also find fun to play... some of the best inspiration is borrowed.

  • Both. Fun and money. If it's boring to make & play who would want to play it?

    I'll try playing around with the games, and take note of what I like about them.

  • find a game you like to play. scale it down by 80%. clone the remaining 20% features. add 5% originality. be sure to finish it in less than 60-80 working hours

  • Basically what other people have said. Play a successful fun game and imitate the small things. Yeah, it's not the best way to make a game, especially if you want to call it 100% yours but it does have the best chance of making money.

    Just please don't make another Candy Crush clone....

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  • As a programmer, I always find my inspiration from playing with new tools. We were already working on Apprentice for a bit when my artist introduced me to C2. I started playing with it, and pretty soon I was going "hey this is so much freer than RPGmaker, I bet I can make C2 do X". Then I would go and do X and thats how I got started. That wears off after a little while and I keep going out of professionalism, respect for my team, caffeine and raw desire.

    If you are already familiar with the tools, get a design document going. Write up what your game needs to do, and try to pick the elements that will interact the most with the rest of the game and do those first.

  • Do something and get ideas from that something you're doing....

    thats what I do..

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