How many On start of layout can be used in 1 event sheet

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  • Greetings

    I am wondering if there is any limitation on using the "On start of layout" trigger. Does it depend on the device? Do they trigger in the event sheet order (top On start of layout first and subsequent ones down the path?)

    Is it bad practice to use more than one? I would expect so, as from c# programming for example having more than one Window Load event is not a good idea. However I am interested to know if there would be any problems as my project would be much better organized if I could use more of said triggers.

    Thank you for your time reading this

  • as stupid i may sound, it does not matter how many "on start of layout" you have in your event sheet. but the reading from top to bottom does matter so if u have 10 or 20 on start of layout make sure the 1st line doesn't depend on the 2nd or 20th line "of start of layout" im always using 2 or 3 triggers of the same type but im always adding a extra condition to most of them, so it can be recognized as a different process basically its a preloading action. i hope it helped u, and hope im right about what i encountered so far.

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  • Thanks for the info

    I shall try a few tests and come back here with the results.

  • I have tested an event sheet with 500 On start of layout that were adding numbers. The conclusion was that all the events triggered correctly but I cannot say in which order.

  • I think for the triggers, that:

    They trigger first in the included sheets, not the main one, from the top included one to the bottom included one, then the main one

    In each event sheet they trigger from top to bottom

    If my memory serves me correctly

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