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  • Happy 2012 to All, just found out about Cunstruct2 a few days ago and had several questions and suggestion in mind. Having understood that a mobile phone can play these HTML5-Based games, I'm rather uncertain if my Nokia 5230 will be able to do so, although it has done great with those made as Shockwave Flash content, but there is only a mere few I enjoy like Office War, 30seconds, Balls!, Homedrunk, Lightning_Cards, Neave_Tetris, PacMan, and Particles. However, there doesn't seem to be any that has yet support the accelerometer... but then again... almost all of them were originally made only for bulky computers.

    Anyhow... it should even be a whole lot faster to create each game when the near minimum of each type is already made just like having being able to play a simple version of poker... and from there modify it to become Rummy-500 and changing the graphic layout completely. --

    A Top View Maze

    An Eye Level Maze

    A Scrolling Platform

    A 360 Shooter

    Touchscreen Targeting

    Pseudo-3D Racing

    Texas Hold Em Poker

    Multi-Choice Quiz

    -- Each bundled with a maximum of feature and settings

  • What's the purpose of your post exactly ?

    I'm not sure to get it.

    It seems you want some already made games to be able to "build upon" (rip them off) them.

    It's far from being an encouraged practice around here.

    Still you can find examples of how to make these types of games.

    First read the beginner's guide for C2. It covers the top view and the 360 shooter.

    You can find examples in the C2 folder\examples folder for platformer game mechanics as well as racing.

    Finaly the how do I FAQ lists a fair share of games mechanics and specific questions you might ask yourself on your game making path.

    Hope this answers your post.

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  • Sorry about not making my post any clearer, and thank you for trying to understand.

    There was actually a time over 6 years ago when I found a PocketC website forum where there were several general open source games that had been designed for the PalmOS, and the agreement was for us to modify the codes significantly before making any redistributions -- much unlike what was done with the Mugen Game Engine. However, when PalmOS had surprisingly decided to discontinue their marketing... all our efforts to develop new concepts eventually came to a halt. I had shared about 5 of my own in a matter of 6 months, "Survey Says" a basic Family Feud clone where all you had to do was touch select from a list of 18 panels each with three alphabets for which the answers had the first letter, the second and third was chosen by me in attempt to somewhat throw off any guesses, although some shared the same answers, for instance... "Top 6... Something Most People Do When They're Sick" : (* what's hidden from plain view)

    DCT EXC VMO *(See A Doctor) (Exercise) (Vomit)

    WTR SAH CLS *(Drink Water) (Stay Home) (Call In Sick)

    NPP WTT SUU *(Nap) (Watch TV) (Have Soup)

    MDN CLN RAA *(Take Medicine) (Clean) (Read)

    ACL PKK RLA *(Drink Alcohol) (Puke) (Relax)

    CLF CRR SWT *(Call Friends) (Cry) (Sweat Prefusely)


    1. Nap/Relax

    2. Vomit/Puke

    3. Take Medicine

    4. Have Soup

    5. Stay Home/ Call In Sick

    6. See A Doctor

    The Point System would always be...

    1. 16 pts

    2. 9 pts

    3. 7 pts

    4. 5 pts

    5. 3 pts

    6. 1 pt

    ... Which all it would take is one wrong answer for the round to end, and there were no opponents, had 10 rounds each session, had 300+ surveys that I found through Yahoo since it was going to be an open source anyway, copied from a 2X3 and 3X6 Custom Button Layout, modified it from a multi-choice application snippet, added a very large font of a transparent 5 second timer.

    Then there was my "Robot-o-Box" that a friend of mine who is a kick-boxer that I took many pictures of then edited them to create an semi-predictable android, which was modified from Timed Pseudo-3D Maze Game example. The player had to be careful not to punch too often, skillfully dodge to regain energy, the first 3 rounds (one minute each) are very difficult to offline the android which Coach Drewdy recommends to mostly dodge until the 4th the let out the fireworks. If the androids head is tilted to the left... punch at his right and vice-versa, if his visor glows, either draw up from the bottom of the screen to do a power uppercut, then figure out how to follow through with a combo that lasts more than 5 hits... with pseudo-seeded random number, where the player can always attempt to figure out a winning combo where 2 correct out of 4 allows 3 more punches, 3 correct allows 5, and all 4 allows 10... Coach Drudy will give 3 after each round "Give him a Right, Right, Left, Right plus a Left Dodge, I think", meanwhile it should be Right, **Left**, Left, Right while getting the Dodges correct.

    Then there was "KO ShuffleBoard" modified from a Billiard example, where the player has to swipe from the bottom of the screen up to the top with a reasonable curve to avoid the centre peg. A demo shows the slowest you can swipe for it to stay inbound and also the fastest, can look at target area from a full top down view and each puck per round will be added, and the faster the swipe will make curves less affected. From the centre ring: 50 points, 30, 25, then 10, given five alternating turns while knocking out a the opponents puck equals 20 each.

    Not to rip anybody off, but to modify away from their demos... and I did see the provided list of them, just thought maybe if we can make *more* available, it could better address any issue some of us might have.

    Most importantly, I want to know how to port HTML5 games to my Nokia 5230 that can access SWF files whereas Adobe provided a Flash-Lite Player... maybe even to convert these into executable SIS files?

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