Sprites are showing up double their actual size

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  • Whenever I add a sprite to one of my projects, it is setting itself to be double the actual size. For example, if I import a 32x32 sprite, when the game is launched in the player, it will actually be 64x64. In the designer, everything looks fine, it is only when I run the game. I'm sure this is just a setting somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I did a couple of searches too without much luck. Any suggestions?

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  • Is your game perhaps scaling up to fit the screen?

    Is it just certain sprites?

    Sometimes when you load a different size sprite in the Animation editor, it will auto change the size properties assuming you wanted the set size to scale as well. (this doesn't sound like your problem though.)

    Can you make a sample capx that does it as well, and share it here? It makes it easier to figure out.

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