Sprites with replaceColour filter - problem on iOS9

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  • I have noticed that sprites in my game, that have ReplaceColour effect applied, do not show properly on iOS 9 devices. Namely, the transparent background becomes black. This applies only to objects with aforementioned effect. Images are imported as png32, and after the export they are still png32 and look fine when opened on any non-iOS9 device.

    Example (take a look at the avatar's face):

    I tried to add 'almost transparent' background to those sprites (with opacity of 2%) and black areas on iOS9 were really reduced, but sprites still get black border lines (but not everywhere!)

    Example 2 (avatar now has few black lines around):

    Did anyone experience the same? Can that be connected with project export properties? In my case, properties are set mostly to low-quality rendering and scaling, no High DPI display etc. Unfortunately, I do not have any iOS9 device around to test, so I have to ask here

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