Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • lucid - I'm also trying to figure out if something is wrong with the way spriter objects interact with the pin behavior in C2. It seems so. I am going to search further back in this thread and see if I can find anything. Thanks.

  • Please Help me! I created an animation sprite in Spriter, But why when I import my object in construct 2: All file folders is empty! Images don't appears in folders in C2! Why it wan't to import? What am I doing wrong??

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  • Anirender - I'm not sure if you've already done this but in your project create a spriter layout that you drag your spriter objects into and a corresponding spriter event sheet. This way it will be easy to stay organized.

  • Hey, guys! I'm also experiencing the sprites to appear in the preview as invisible after i import the scml, i select all of the sprites and switch them to visible and they appear ingame but the animation does not play. I have tested this with fresh new animations and have no clue of what is going wrong. It's my first time using the spriter plugin, i do have the settings checked in Spriter. One of the parts also imports out of place.

    what's the difference between scml, scon, and legacy?

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Awesome work with the program, guys, i really dig it! Just hope to fix this soon to enjoy the marvelous features.

  • Hi everyone. kraed and Anirender, sorry you're having trouble. Please make sure you're saving both the scml and the scon files. C2 uses the scml file to import, and the runtime uses the scon file to load the animation. We will eventually eliminate the need for 2 files.

    Here's a detailed guide that should help you get started if you're still having trouble. Please let me know if that fixes your issues.

    I will be getting back into the plugin in the next week. I haven't had much time to look into bugs or adding features as we were closing up Spriter B9. We have a few Mac issues to sort out with the new version, and then I will look into everyone's issues and adding more cool new features or enhancements for the plugin. Thanks for your patience.

    On a side note, Spriter saves animated gifs now.

    It's a fun way to share your character animations during development.

    Here's our update announcement for Spriter B9.

  • So cool!

  • lucid I recently bought Spriter Pro and I love it, but I was wondering if it can warp sprites.

    Similar to this game:

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    Notice how the enemy sprites warp as the move along the path.

  • So far, so good! Only needed to add the scon and it solved the issues, it does through a warning/bug report when importing the scon but works anyways.

    Will be buying Spriter as soon as possible!

  • ThunderLion, not yet. We've had a

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    version of the feature in experimental form available for some time. This shouldn't be used in production yet, and is no indication of the final ui. It is still a while off, but the plan is to develop that into a full-feature some time after 1.0, and also eventually add it to the scml plugin for webGL mode in C2. There's no feasible way I know of to do it in HTML5 and run at a usable framerate.

    kraed, thanks. Glad you got it working.

  • I had problem with spriter animations being invisible online (but it worked offline). So if I copied the “on initialized” events to all Event Sheets that referes to the spriter file then the animation shows up online.

  • lucid

    Hello, сan you fix a glitch when complex sprites overlaping each other? I don't know how to fix it by events. In my game one man assist the main hero and help him to reach the platform. The issue is: when there are 2 animations in a certain period of time of 2 different scon, and they are overlaping each other it is always a glitch (sprites sticking) (guys on the screen are both solid)

  • Hello again everyone. I know I'm a bit behind on getting back to some of you, but I'm all caught up Spriter side now, and going to be taking a look through everyone's capx's and issues. If you sent me something to look at any time in the past week or two, and I haven't gotten back to you by Wednesday, please give me a nudge here or at in case I missed you.

    Also, very exciting Spriter update upcoming. This particular feature won't make it to C2 immediately, as I will be focused on bugs, and closing up Spriter 1.0, and I'm sure the Scirra folks are extremely busy launching the Scirra store, but I fully intend to have the C2 plugin fully support this feature (with runtime actions to control it) in the future, so it's something to salivate over in the meantime:

    Bass_X, I can't tell from the screenshots, is the problem that the zorder isn't working as expected, or that collision detection isn't working as expected?

  • It honestly blows my mind that Spriter is $25... In my country that's less than a pizza.

    ... I have no idea why I just measured the value of something in pizza.

  • Anybody else getting this error after carefully following the instructions?


    The only difference between my install & the instructions on Spriter's forum (linked above) is that I have a portable install of C2, so I installed Spriter to that plugin folder instead of to my C drive.

    Has anybody got it working successfully on a portable install?

  • would it be possible to make sprite's head and arms follow mouse cursor without having to animate every angle separately?

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