Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • Hi everyone,


    There is and will be a lot more to Spriter than initially meets the eye. Spriter is not just an animating tool... The fact that you'll be able to use the actual animation data in-game instead of full frame images, as well as other game data, like action points and collision rectangles, trigger sounds, and variable changes, as well as control on the fly image swapping for characters that get new clothes, weapons etc is what really makes Spriter very different from the traditional 2d animation programs you mentioned.

    It's also important to remember that (due to unavoidable injury related delays) Spriter is still in beta and missing several important features and work-flow enhancements (including to time-line manipulation) which will make it drastically more flexible, powerful, and easy to use.... Most of these features will be appearing in the upcoming beta release, and we'll continue to improve features and work flow every step of the way to releasing version 1.0 and beyond.


    As far as we've read, yes, its true that the creators of Spine were early supporters of Spriter, who basically decided (during the delay in Spriter's development) that they could make a bone centered animating tool to fit their needs for the game(s) they wanted to develop faster than waiting for Spriter. This proved be a good decision in their part, and help give another option to those who had immediate needs for a game focused bone animating tool.

    We're frankly glad that the game making community had the option during our above mentioned unfortunate delay, and firmly believe that there is definitely enough room for both tools in this market that Spriter's Kickstarter campaign created. We think it will become clear by the time we release 1.0 and especially in the many releases after, that they will be very different tools, and Spriter will offer some very unique features and work-flow which will make it well worth the admittedly prolonged wait.

    , congratulations again on your success with Super Ubi Land, and we can't wait to see what you create with Spriter.

    the whole Scirra community,

    We feel we have a similar passion to the type that spawned Construct 2, and which is clearly guiding it to become among the most flexible, accessible and fun to use game authoring systems in history. Once we get all key features added to Spriter , we intend to prove this with a strong focus on continued improvements to UI and work-flow, on top of several entirely new features we have planned.

    And of course, as hopefully you all know, we are working hand in hand with Ashley to make sure that we get full, flexible, intuitive and native Spriter support for all C2 users as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for your continued patience and support. The most exciting updates are yet to come. As per an ETA, rather than miss another, I'll just give the possibly frustrating but most accurate answer of "when it's ready". Things are progressing well on both the editor and on tests so far with the next version of the plugin, but I want to keep the option open to be sure everything works as well as possible, rather than rush to meet an arbitrary deadline.

  • lucid@ as long you know what you doing I got all the time to wait and Im looking forward for the awesome updates :D

  • lucid

    Sorry to ask. I know B6 is a major focus. Which I'm looking forward to. However my game is at an impass waiting for Character Maps in the C2 plugin. Is there anyway to get a small update for Character Maps in the mean time?

    My animation skills are lacking already, but I do have enough of a Spriter object going with Character Maps that I can put a demo release of my game. but I'm sorta stuck with just usign the grey template :(

    It would be super fantastic to just get a small plugin update. PLEEEEAAASSEEEE :)

  • Well, B6 is long overdue, so the short term priority is completing that. Then I will give Ashley all of the necessary changes C2 side, and then update the plugin in several updates incrementally starting with character maps, since that was already a feature in B5, that way you don't have to wait for any of the other features.

  • lucid

    Thank your for the update. I appreciate that it will be a priority on the next plugin update. I'm going to assume that B6 is in the winds when it comes to release date then.

  • it's getting very very close now jayderyu. I hesitate to give the date for obvious reasons. Also, I just noticed I hadn't responded to your post on the previous page. The scon method will completely replace the scml in the C2 eventually.

  • In the meantime, there is some other good news. The first two Spriter Art Packs have been released!

    Preview them here!

    Read the full announcement here.

    On a related note, the previews are running on my current version of the plugin, and can be exported to cocoonJS. They also load a little faster using the new scon(json) format. The previous release had a problem where it would load the file each time a new instance was spawned. The plugin will now only load once when the first instance is created.

    Thanks for your patience everyone. We're almost there.

  • "On a related note, the previews are running on my current version of the plugin, and can be exported to cocoonJS. They also load a little faster using the new scon(json) format. The previous release had a problem where it would load the file each time a new instance was spawned. The plugin will now only load once when the first instance is created."

    Oh i didnt see. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Looking great, thanks for such a nice work , looking forward to buy Spriter in future.<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Quick question, I was just experimenting. I imported the Grey Guy demo that you provided us into Construct 2, but when I play it back in Chrome, he looks jittery. The animation is just not as smooth as it looked when I opened the guy in Spriter itself. The game says it's playing at 60fps. Is this normal, or is there something affecting the animation to make it not play as smooth as it appeared in Spriter?

  • I just bought and downloaded both Art Packs .. N I C E !!!

  • How will you be able to update a Spriter object once it's on a C2 project?

    I mean, if I do changes to the animations, add more PNGs to it and so... will I need to re-import it and replace all the events? Or will there be a better way to do it?

  • Hello friends,

    How can i use Spriter object that has 2 animation?

    i want to use two or more animation with my character.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Aragami The Spriter animation file can hold multiple animations. Then you just call them by name like you do currently with C2 sprite animations.

  • lucid

    Trying to download the b5 update. Is your site OK? I also tried to sign up to your forums, and I'm yet to receive an email.

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