Spriter vs Video vs FrameByFrame?

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  • Hello,

    In a project I have to implement sequence of animation.

    Lets say 7 second animation 400x300 pixels.

    What is the best way to implement it?

    I'm interested in performance, low download weight, working on all devices/browsers, fluency... Mainly performance.


    Frame By Frame - sequence of animation like GIF, preloaded during loading, but very heavy and don't know about performance especially on mobile devices.

    Spriter - plugin, preloaded during the game, so on low internet speeds can cause a bug, very light, moderate performance.

    Video - video, loading during the play, can stack during the animation, heavy, should have pretty good performance but not sure how much supported on different devices.

    What are your suggestions, your previous experiences?

  • Use Spriter, because it support easy usage and iteration, allowing you to improve the animation very easily and quickly anytime you wish. Like you said, it is very light.

  • I would probably say Spriter. 7 second animation at 400x300 pixels can be quite heavy as a sequence. If you don't want to use spriter, you could devide your scene in smaller elements, and only using frames sequences for the things that are moving. but it all depends on what you're doing.

    Are you doing an advanced cutscene with a lot of moving objects, camera zoom, effects etc etc i would probably recommend a video, but if you're just animating some characters on a static scene i would probably go with a combination of spriter, and animated sprites, on static background image/level.

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  • I thought to do it with spriter as I always did, but recently I saw a wonderful blog "Creating Klang’s Art and Design in Construct"


    Video playback during gameplay.

    Aww...He’s so happy to see you!

    One of my favorite features that got introduced mid development, was support for Webm video. This is something I’ve even had Unity developers express envy over. While video support isn’t necessarily anything new, having it run in parallell with gameplay without loosing performance has enabled me to make some visually memorable moments.

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