Spriter Update (163%!) 2D Rigging in Spriter 1.0

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  • Awesome! I'm a backer, looking forward to futur developments.

  • Have spread the word at molyjam today :)

  • probably the best 2D creation software, i will get it for my collection soon <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • thanks everyone. Our super crazy skyrocketing progress the first two days is beginning to slow a bit. Any help spreading the word far and wide to get us to 100% by tuesday would be awesome!

    Thanks again

  • Just had a chat with doublefine lead programmer. She will look in to spriter after molyjam ends.

  • wow you rock megatronx!!!!

  • Nice kickstart!

    I would like to ask some questions before to pledge this

    I read the pledges between $ 25 and $ 40 i need to confirm.

    Do i get 2 plugins for Unity3D and Construct 2 if i pledge $ 25?

    If i pledge $ 40, do i have all plugins?

  • Joannesalfa for $25 you get Spriter and 1 plugin of your choice, if you already prepurchased Spriter from before the kickstarter, you get 2 plugins of your choice. For $40 you get Spriter, and 1 plugin, and an art pack. If you'd prefer to just get an additional plugin instead of an art pack, that's fine, just let us know after the kickstarter ends, when we're asking which art pack you wanted.

  • I wanted to try the new version out so I grabbed it. Thing is, whenever I try to load project, it crashes. I can start a new one and save it, but not load it. Tried running in different compatibility modes and as administrator, makes no difference.

  • lucid thanks for reply, i make arts... so i really don't need an art pack, i'd prefer a spriter and 2 plugins.

  • <font size="4">Please tell us about Spriter Beta</font>

    Hello everyone, we're looking for feedback from anyone who's tried Spriter beta(the beta download link is directly under the video at kickstartspriter.com). This is an early beta, so bugs and missing features are normal(please direct all tech support questions and bug reports to Brashmonkey.com/forum). We want feedback on the workflow so far, basic design, and whether it's enjoyable to use. Please share your experience testing Spriter Beta with me at lucideuk@brashmonkey.com. If you like what you've tried so far and would like to help us spread the word, please also include in your email a short statement granting us permission to quote you on our kickstarter page. "I give you permission to quote me" will suffice. If you'd like to add a quick blurb about yourself to appear along with your name under the quote, we'd appreciate it, but it's not required. Industry professionals, we'd appreciate studio-names or game titles, but only include them in the email if you want them to appear with the quote on our kickstarter page.

    <font size="4">Big names tweeting about us! Thank you!</font>

    Thank you to everyone who's been helping by pledging and/or spreading the word. 64% halfway through day 4 of 30! Word is spreading fast, thanks to everyone who's helped by talking about us, and now some big names have been tweeting about us as well! John Tobias(co-creator of Mortal Kombat), Kyle Pulver(currently working on the highly anticipated SnapShot(http://kpulv.com/), Derek Yu(developer of Spelunky and Aquaria), Mike Kasprzak(runs LudumDare), Ashley and Tom Gullen(heads of Scirra), JunkBoy and Daniel Kaplan(members of mojang(Minecraft)), Branimir Karad?i?(Fat Princess), and many more, not to mention countless awesome scirrans I saw tweeting about us, and hundreds of awesome people I've never even heard of, who were kind enough to spread the word. So thanks again to everyone. Just wanted to share the awesome news with my fellow Scirrans!

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  • There an visual feedback, you maybe shouldn't to leave menu bar in top because my taskbar is blocked behind spriter menu bar... i use taskbar at top, not bottom.

    now im playing with spriter beta... until im done, i will post some feedbacks.

  • <img src="http://gyazo.com/c4349a422ab31fd559957a7fbfe4e5d1.png" border="0" />

    Im using GDI++ to smooth fonts, and other softwares have no problem with that.

  • I loaded a sample guy, then i click Play button... so it doesn't play animation...


  • Everyone, update on the original post.

    Joannesalfa, (and anyone else testing the beta), please post tech support questions and bug reports for Spriter beta to Brashmonkey.com/forum. I'd like to continue to update the Scirra community and try to recruit your help, but Scirra's forum is not the appropriate venue for Spriter support. Please post your feedback and report bugs there, and thank you for helping us test Spriter Beta.    

    Thanks everyone.

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