Spriter Update (163%!) 2D Rigging in Spriter 1.0

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  • zsangerous, thank you!


    that issue has been resolved. Uninstall using the uninstaller in your installation directory, and download the beta again, linked directly under the video for the kickstarter my signature links to

    after a complete uninstall, this version has fixed the problem for the users that had it. Anyone else who wasn't having problems, you don't need this version, there are no other updates.

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  • yay!!!

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/Spriter%20Releases/spriter%20is%20popular.PNG" border="0" />

  • Go team Florida! 8D

  • lucid

    Hit the jackpot! hahaha

  • lucid Nice job ! a real pro work ! Just something , can you give us a portable version ( that don't need administrator permission ) , thanks and another time , Great Job !

  • Great Job on the development of this tool. Will be supporting the kickstarter for sure.

  • lucid

    thanks it worked fine now , i wish if i could buy it :( but i can't buy anything this 6 months :(

    after that ill buy ,i hope ^^

  • thanks everyone, and glad it's working zsangerous

    update to OP: We're set to break the 50% mark in less than 2 days! Thanks to everyone who's helped! And please continue to spread the word

  • When i try to run the application i get: You need August 2008 DirectX update in order to run this bla bla bla..

    Downloaded the package but can't install it, it just gets a lot of archives that i don't know what to do with..

    Please help !!

  • hi basseman, please pm me with a screenshot of what happens when you try to install the dx update. Thanks for testing!

  • Hi, to clarify... It's the directX cab-files that i don't know what to do with..

    I'm running Windows 7 and installed the free version of Spriter..

    Will get you the screenshot tomorrow.

    Cheers !!

  • This looks awesome, just pledged. :)

    You're 54% there!

  • Posted on 2 Czech game developer sites

    Translated - link

    Pledged - already had the full version, so just donated a bit. Pity I can't afford more atm.

    Good luck with the project, I'm happy to see the funding is going well.

  • Done and Done.   Your kick starter is moving fast. congrats.

  • Woohoo! over 1k in first 12 hours. If we can continue this momentum, we have a great shot of getting there!


    > I recently purchased Spriter Pro. How does this Kickstarter Project relate to what I purchased? Should I pledge more money? Spriter really sounds cool.

    Please do if you can afford to, and more importantly please spread the word. All that was promised at purchase will be delivered regardless of the success of this Kickstarter Project. The Kickstarter will fund the continued full-time development of Spriter, which would get all of the unfinished features, including the C2 plugin itself, into your hands much more quickly.

    I'm always ready to join in a wild party. I'll go pledge some money right now!

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