Spriter is invisible when exporting as HTML website

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  • In Construct 2, I can get Spriter animation of my valiant hero working (including character maps for what item he is equipped).

    However, when I export to HTML 5 website and test the game the spriter animations are not visible.

    Any ideas on how to get him visible?

    This is what I've tried thus far.

    1. Tried setting the Spriter animation to visible on layout start.

    2. Checked that both the SCML and SCON files are present in the exported folder, since that was mentioned in other threads. (See screenshot)

    3. checked versions of software in chain : Am using construct 2 (release 200) and Spriter 4.1 and the SCML plugin ( plugin release 7/19/2015). Originally I had done initial import using an April release of the SCML plugin. I could reimport / rewrite all the Spriter imports, but I don't know if that will resolve my problem.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • I noticed that the Spriter animations weren't visible in the scirra arcade.... I've not tried other sites yet - which did you try?

  • I tried running it on the localhost webserver enbedded in VIsual Studio 2013 and on Microsoft Azure Websites. (Been hosting my beta's to free azurewebsite as I went).

  • I suspect it's the website causing the problem somehow, at least for my example - because my Umbra demo works fine as an html5 export hosted by Dropbox... This is not my area of expertise so I'm not able to offer any possible solutions I'm afraid.

  • So Mike (at BrashMonkey) pointed me into the right direction. I needed to update my mime type mappings, since out of the box most webservers don't map to Spriter file types. (Dropbox Pro I guess is exception).

    Added these lines to my web.config file and it up and runs on AzureWebsites for free.

    Am hosting on AZUREwebsite (to save the $10 a month on dropbox pro) and just needed to added these two lines to my web.config file and it worked like a charm.

    <!-- start:configuration addition for Spriter -->


    <mimeMap fileExtension=".scml" mimeType="text/xml" />

    <mimeMap fileExtension=".scon" mimeType="application/json" />


    <!-- end:configuration addition for Spriter -->

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  • Awesome! I'm too careful with the pennies to splash out on Dropbox pro for my hosting! Tom, this might be of interest to you for the arcade since Spriter objects don't display there (at least they didn't a month ago....).

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