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  • So i've experimented with Spriter and imported a character into C2, up to that point, everything is fine. From there, i added a 2nd frame to the front arm (in C2), painted red. It seems that no matter what, whenever the red arm shows, it reverts back to default immediately. Setting a looping animation does not make the arm blink at expected speed.

    On top of that, the pivot point appears wrong when the red arm shows. I also pinned a sword to that arm (in case it matters, i added the sword in C2, not in Spriter), the pivot point is wrong as well, though it matches the red arm's position, orientation, etc. I suspect when i duplicated the original arm frame in C2, some Spriter data did not carry over?

    I also have problems with z-ordering, though it may have to do with containers. While editing the layout, the sword appears behind the front arm, yet when running the project, the sword's z-order seems relative to the spriter object. In other words, it appears either fully in front of the character or fully behind. I'd really like to have it behind the front arm but on top of the rest of the character.

    What i'd like to achieve with all this is to use a single set of animations, made with Spriter, for all creatures of the same type (in this case, humanoids), using multiple C2 animation frames. Is this currently possible and i'm doing something wrong? If not are there any plans to make this possible?

    Here's my .capx, requires the Spriter plugin.


  • I apologize for not looking at the CAPX. However what you want is Spriter Character Mapping. Character Mapping is the PRO version of Spriter, but not yet implemented in the plugin.

    I am also now critically requiring the Character Map for the plugin. So I know what your looking for.

    Trying to mix and match Spriter animation and non Spriter animation is going to give more of a headache than it's worth.

    My suggestion is to nicely request lucid to get the C2 plugin character map going.

  • Spriter animations are their own type, not to be mixed with C2 animations in the same frame.

    Until the character mapping (Pro Feature) is implemented your option it to create alternate versions of the animations in the other colors and switch between them as needed.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. I've considered duplicating animations and replace images in Spriter. Not the best solution but it sounds like it is the only one we have for now. I'm not sure what character mapping is supposed to do, but if the C2 plugin is updated, i will get Spriter pro for sure. I might even get it anyway. So for now i'll follow jayderyu's suggestion *nicely requests lucid to get the C2 plugin character map going*

  • Alpro, for now just export the key frames as png and use it in Construct ?

  • tumira:

    Wouldn't that create very unsmooth animations? Pretty anims is one of the reasons to use Spriter in the first place. That is still better than nothing though. To tell the truth, i do not yet have a project, i'm only checking what options i have to do what i have in mind. Spriter wins over Canvas for now.

    It seems we forgot about the z-order problem, anyone know if it is caused by the spriter object, the family or the container? I don't think families have to do with it, it would make no sense, right?

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  • The z-order thing happens because the scml plugin manages the zorder of each sprite, and does what it needs to to keep the relative zorder from Spriter, so this extra sprite is getting pushed out.

    Character Maps will automate the process of part replacement:


    Once the plugin supports character maps, you'll be able to apply and stack these by name. I'm working on completing the next build of Spriter at the moment, and after that's done I'll update the plugin to the latest editor featureset.

    There are other features coming to the plugin that will help with integrating scml objects with the rest of c2's arsenal that will help make things work together alot more naturally

  • Oh that is great! And yep, this sounds like exactly what i need, thank you lucid.

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