Sprite_plugin.js:192 script keep crashing during preview

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  • During preview I keep running into an error where once the preview's loaded, I'm met with an error message that the script "http://localhost:50000/Sprite_plugin.js:192" has crashed. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this problem lately?

    I'm encountering this problem in Firefox. It doesn't seem to occur in chrome, though the preview takes roughly 30 times longer to load a preview (I timed it).

    It only happens occationally, but it also occurs often enough to make it a real problem.


  • Does it happen with all .capx?

    Does it happen with the built-in templates or examples?

    If it's just with one of yours, can you post the .capx for others to test?

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  • Hmm no doesn't seem like it. I have a feeling it's related to the big size of my project. Stopped using capx a long time ago. I save my projects as .caproj instead. Actually I did some more testing. I get to choose wether to continue the preview regardless of the failure, and the game still runs. Seems like the script catches up after a few seconds.

  • You should report this type of issue to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines so we can fix it if possible.

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