SpriteFont distorted in Editor (r200)

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  • Hi! When working with SpriteFont after a while the editor shows the objects distorted (position and rotation). The objects move when I zoom in/out but they are rarely shown where they should be. I cant record it in a video because Fraps does not support Win8.1 Desktop capture right now. :/

    I noticed this in the last beta and in the latest stable release. Has anyone else having this problem?

  • I'm afraid that this is almost certainly a bug with a third party plugin - are you using SpriteFont+ by any chance? I had this a year ago with that plugin. I think disabling effects in the editor fixed it iirc - I was using effects to change the font's color. If not the modified plugin, identifying the cause would be of interest to me as well.

  • No, just default SpriteFont. I only have DateTime plugin but its not enabled/used.

    It seems to happen with tiled background objects, too.

  • Are you using any effects on them?

  • There was a bug report for this which I couldn't reproduce on any of my own machines. Are you sure your graphics drivers are up to date?

  • I have the "Tint" effect added to change colors every x second for some of the elements. Maybe this is causing the display issue? Effect Preview is enabled.

    And I have the latest AMD Catalyst drivers installed (stable). I never had this issue before the last beta builds, maybe its something with the last update or with the tint effect/preview.

  • I think the Tint effect was the one I was using as well, IIRC...

  • Sorry for revamping the old thread, but just wanted to confirm that this happens to me, too. I used effects 'Replace color' and 'Set color'. This resulted in strangely distorted sprites when placed on the layout - not only sprite font, but 'ordinary' sprites, too. I'm not sure, but there's a good chance that the bug appears only when you place a new sprite on the same layer with sprites that use aforementioned effects.

    The 'remedy' was to disable 'Preview effects' in the project properties.

  • - are your graphics drivers up to date?

  • It's not about drivers. Some effects+Spritefont do that in the editor.

    I still have few old projects - and even the files from bug report where I mention it, and it still happens occasionally (after many driver updates)

  • Over the last 2 years or so I've experienced this on 3 laptops and one desktop... If it's a driver problem then it appears to be endemic across a broad selection of hardware.

  • Well this is really odd. I always assumed that sprite fonts weren't visible in the editor at all and only diplayed when the project is previewed. I have only ever seen a blank box. This has made some positioning and effects very difficult in the past.

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  • spongehammer, similar for me - I rarely get to see my sprite fonts in the editor unless I just happen onto the magic zoom for the view position (or turn effects off). I could well be wrong, but I wonder if this problem is somehow related to this bug?

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