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  • Is it possible to make something like a sprite strip feature ?

    This means, something like adding some sprite(Frames) to 1 image ? Actually construct does this sometimes automaticly, but not often enough.

    In our actual Project we got, because of that 216 requests. And this is for sure to much. Our Image Server already bans me sometimes... If something like this would be possible, I could come down to 30-50% of the actuall requests. The games would also dont load so long for the users. For us this would save 0,5 seconds for every user.

  • What the problem by using google drive, dropbox, or any other free server? They are not enough?

  • I?m not working with such servers. We got our own image server that manage all pictures and request. We need this cause a small server cant handle 200 request from 500 players at the same time.

    I dont want to say that dropbox and so on has small servers but they are limited and we dont want that Users need more than 5 seconds to load the game.

    And for the ones that say now 5 seconds are nothing, 45 percent of all Players are closing a game after 5-10 seconds loading time. Common Websites

    This is just for normal Websites, it much extremer at Browsergames.

  • Construct 2 already automatically spritesheets on export, and our rationale is explained at the post - if we went further it could actually make projects bigger to download.

    The problem here is your server. You need a better one!

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  • Ashley: "The problem here is your server. You need a better one!"

    Funny, this are just to many...It?s ok for small projects but not for big ones that ends up with something like 1000 sprites. This means 1000 request per user, with 100 000 (which is totally possible) users per day this are 100 000 000 request ! You know how expensive Server are ? I dont mean everything should be on 1 image but I and our money would like to have the possibility to create animations out of 120 different sprites (z.B for items in a shop) on 1 Image. This would make it much better for the Player and us.

    But if this is not possible for the game engine it?s ok then I need to find a different way to do that.

  • So sorry, I didn't know the dimension of your project. I have no clue about how you can solve your problem.

    Maybe doing smaller maps, where the amount downloaded for each layout is minor.

    I have read an article a time ago about how the downloads works too, and there they explained the wast of bandwidth when the user need to download all the project in one single shot.

    By now, it's nice, because C2 have a feature to download only the necessary for each layout, and doing smaller layouts, you can guarantee to the player a fast download (using a custom loading screen for the transitions, where on a fast server would be imperceptible) and if the player don't finish the game, you'll not waste the entire game size on a single download.

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