Sprite size: creation vs. usage

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  • Wondering if I create sprites at size 512x128 in Paint.NET etc. and import to C2 and use it in game at size 64x16 will the memory amount of game be based on larger image?

    Will export size be larger based on using larger original images?

  • If you shrink the image down to 64x16 in the Construct 2 animation editor, then you will save memory (and loose quality :( )

    If you are loading it in, and NOT shrinking it in the animation editor, and shrinking it down in the events/layout editor, then it will still be using the original 512x128 image in memory. (Though the payoff is that it's high quality, so if you ever resize the sprite to be bigger again in the game, it will look smooth rather than pixelated)

  • k thanks for response that's what I figured probably using 256x64 as byte size is much smaller than 512x128

  • will start new topic if needed to get response but it is related to original question

    if sprite is 128x32 in creation but using on screen at 64*32 or something that is less than the original

    will memory be based on each instance at 64*32 or each instance at 128*32?

    Expecting to have 30 or so instances near the 64*32 mark but creating at 128*32

    so will memory usage be 30*mem of orig sprite or 30*mem of instance size

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  • The memory usage will be based on the texture, that being the image size in your image editor...

  • so in answer to question it'd be the memory of

    30*mem of orig sprite not 30*mem of displayed image


  • if all are different sprites its 30* orig, if all the same its 1*orig

  • let's say have 4 rows each row has same sprite but each row is dif sprite





    so would each row be 5*orig or 1*orig since instances in same row are same but each row is dif

    so total of 1*orig per row

    or 5*orig per row

  • <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> 1*orig per row

  • ok thanks


    I know that's what was said prior but was wanting to ensure understood fully


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